12-Year-Old Girl Making Her Mark In Business World

By Kimberly Jenkins
The Portsmouth Daily Times, Ohio

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) 12 year old Grace Ann Bennett started making her own line of makeup after she couldn’t find products that were suitable for tweens.

The Portsmouth Daily Times, Ohio

Young girls like listening to music, dancing, watching videos and movies, and possibly even making things. But most just want to have fun. Fun may be different for every girl, but they want to do something that makes them happy and that they enjoy.

Grace Ann Bennett looks and acts like any other typical 12-year-old girl. But there is nothing typical about Grace, because she is already an entrepreneur in the field of cosmetics.

In January, Grace started making her own line of makeup, because both she and her mother Julia could not find makeup suitable for girls in their tweens and early teenage years. Grace also wanted to make something that was safe and organic.

“There wasn’t any products out there that were suitable, or they didn’t have appropriate things” for girls in her age range. Grace says she worked on different recipes and took different elements until she came up with something that she liked. She started with facial makeup.

“Grace does everything herself,” Julia says. She says that when it came time that Grace wanted to wear some makeup and they started looking, everything was geared more toward older girls with the wording and packaging and so forth. She knew she wasn’t going to let her 12-year-old wear that, but on the opposite end was pretend makeup for little girls, and she didn’t want that either.

“Why not have Grace make her own?” a friend of Julia suggested. So Grace started looking online and found some things for her own formula. She used the money from her own savings account to make and get everything. Now her goal is to save and buy her own car.

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