5 Ways To Make Your Retirement Savings Last

By Michael Keenan

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) From holding off on collecting social security to using the “bucket approach” to financial investing, (which involves budgeting by category, you categorize cash into buckets for different short- and longer-term needs), there are plenty of ways you can prepare NOW for a healthy and happy retirement.


If you’re about 65, you can expect to live until you’re 84.3 if you’re a man and 86.6 if you’re a woman, according to the Social Security Administration.

A 2017 GOBankingRates study revealed, however, that only 29 percent of respondents had more than $100,000 in retirement savings.

Breaking down the retirement savings by age, 29 percent of baby boomers still had nothing saved, and more than half had less than $100,000 saved.

To avoid retiring with nothing to live on, you need to start saving now, and start planning how you’re going to stretch those funds to last you through your golden years.

Read on for five ways to make your retirement savings last.

Instead of cutting off your career completely, especially if you’re taking early retirement, keep working on a part-time basis even if you’ve reached retirement age; this way, you can take retirement for a test drive.

By continuing to earn at least a portion of what you’re used to making, you can reduce or eliminate the chances you’ll need to tap into your retirement fund early and you can postpone claiming your Social Security so you’ll receive higher benefits down the road.

In addition to providing a continued stream of income for yourself to reduce how much of your nest egg you need to tap, phasing your way into retirement can help ease your transition from working full-time to not working at all.

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