5 Ways To Remind Someone You Care

By Jessi Roti
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Therapist Michael McNulty of the Chicago Relationship Center says you don’t have to check in with friends often to know the important things going on in their lives. Simply commenting on a Facebook or Instagram post can go a long way in keeping a friendship on course.

Chicago Tribune

It’s not hard for some relationships to fall through the cracks, especially when work gets hectic.

Whether you constantly travel, maintain the standard 9-to-5 or have a seemingly incompatible schedule with every other person, making time for an hourlong catch-up phone call with your best friend, a late dinner or even weekend brunch plans can seem like impossible tasks.

Want to make sure your loved ones still know you care even when work-life balance seems impossible?

The Tribune asked two relationship experts for tips on how to remind someone you care.

Take note ahead of time: You don’t have to check in with friends often to know the important things going on in their lives, says therapist Michael McNulty of the Chicago Relationship Center.

While mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, scan for something positive you can mention at a later date if you don’t have time for specifics right away. Instead of getting to a much overdue dinner and saying, “So tell me what’s been going on!” you can instead have something to ask about, he said.

“Expressing fondness and admiration, even when you see people less often, tells them that I am taking time to notice what’s going on in their lives and to appreciate them, who they are and what they have accomplished,” he explained. “Try to keep in mind what you’re hearing about people and making sure to compliment or congratulate them if you see them around town or bump into them in your travels.”

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