A Business Of Her Own

By Jim Sullivan
The Daily News of Newburyport, Mass.


While most high school business students are content to put out a hypothetical shingle, Amesbury High School junior Kaylee Ireland has been running the real thing for almost a year.

“I don’t think I am ever going to be a full-time businesswoman,” Ireland said. “But I like having this on the side.”

The 16-year-old owns and operates the retail accessory company Hirish out of her home, where she sells her custom-made knitted scarves and hats as well as her latest creations — recycled bracelets made out of soda can tabs.

“I have always enjoyed doing craft things when I wasn’t reading or writing or doing nerd stuff,” Ireland said. “So I just picked it up.”

Ireland began knitting for fun in the fourth grade, but she didn’t think of going into business for herself until she took Entrepreneurship Using Technology-A with Cynthia Yetman at AHS when she was a sophomore.

“Not very many people take (that class) because not that many people know about it,” Ireland said. “I took it by accident because I was in a class I didn’t want to be in, but I figured ‘Why not?’ I had been looking at selling some of the things I had been making and it just took off from there.’

Ireland said she always enjoyed selling things at yard sales, but with the knowledge and energy she gained from the entrepreneur class, she decided to give Hirish a shot, even going as far as to enlist the help of actress Fiona Gubelmann, who recently was photographed wearing one of Ireland’s hat.

“I have always had the mindset that, if I work hard enough at it and made my products the best that they could be, there must be some sort of demand,” Ireland said. “With my products, especially with the hats, those are necessities especially during the winter when it is cold in New England. There is always a demand.”

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