A Circular Success

By Lance Winter
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)  Sometimes you just have to have faith!  That is the message from entrepreneur Angie Stanley. After working for a family business for several years, she decided to branch out on her own with a silk floral arrangements business (she makes amazing creative wreaths). For aspiring women in business, Angie is an example that sometimes you just have to make the leap and know that no matter what,  you will be ok.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Someone once told me that your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Angie Stanley can attest to that. The 39-year-old Weatherford native has taken her unique talent and used it to make life a little less drab and a little more “circular.”

You may know her parents, the owners of Lamb’s Print Shop, where she worked for a little while before branching out on her own. It happened one day that her husband began to encourage her to open her own business.

“My husband kept telling me, ‘I think you should do something on your own; I think you’ll be happier.'” she recalled. “So it happened that one of our friends, who had a silk floral business, were getting out of the business and selling their inventory.”

As it turned out that was all she needed.

“So we bought all of the inventory, a huge garage full of materials, changed the name and reopened the business,” Stanley said.

“I started making silk floral arrangements for furniture companies.”

But it wasn’t until one day when one of the company’s asked her to design a couple of wreaths for a customer.

“They asked me if I could do it and so I did, and my business just took off,” Stanley said.

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