Amazing Mompreneur has “Sticking Power”

By Laura Oleniacz
The Herald-Sun, Durham, N.C.

Chapel Hill mom Alyssa Minshall was starting to feel that her children’s toys were very disposable.

“I felt like everything they were getting was very disposable, and they were learning how to throw something away as soon as they were (done) playing with it,” Minshall said. “Everything was meant to be thrown away — especially activity books,” she added.

At the same time, Minshall, who is 35, also said she recalled enjoying playing with sticker books as a child. She said she grew up in the 1980s when sticker books were “insanely popular.” She still has her old sticker books, she said.

What started as a desire for Minshall to create more lasting childhood mementos for her own children has since turned into a full-blown business.

Minshall has launched a company called Sticker Farm LLC to sell re-usable, collectible sticker books and stickers to put in them.

Working out of an office of her family home — where a children’s bicycle and other toys were visible leading up to her front doorstep — she comes up with designs for the stickers, and then contracts artists to complete the finished product designs.

In the office, she has sticker books, boxes of stickers, and a sketch book with new sticker designs. One of her office walls is mostly covered by a trade show poster.

“The good thing is, I have my daughter that I work with in creating the concepts, which I love,” she said.

She started working on creating her first book in 2010, and had her first product by 2011. She now has two completed book series: an original one that has background landscapes that children can use to create scenes, and another that she said is more for collecting and showcasing individual stickers.

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