Amy Schumer Gives A Beaut Of A Performance In The Uneven But Sweetly Amusing ‘I Feel Pretty’

By Justin Chang
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Columnist Justin Chang describes ‘I feel Pretty’ as “a sweet, klutzy charmer, with moments of wit, insight and, yes, beauty, some of which it seems to stumble upon by accident.”

Los Angeles Times

“I Feel Pretty” is, how to put this?, better than it looks.

A mildly raunchy yukfest by way of an aspirational fairy tale, the movie stars Amy Schumer as Renee, an ordinary New Yorker who dreams of being a knockout, or, barring that, of being able to squeeze into shoes smaller than a double-wide 9 1/2.

Renee’s dreams come true (sort of) when she suffers a bump on the noggin and, studying herself in the mirror, sees the gorgeous face and slim, toned body she’s always wanted, a development that works wonders for her self-esteem, and subsequently her career and love life.

Based on that summary, you might be tempted to dismiss “I Feel Pretty” sight unseen, and not merely because the past work of writer-directors Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein (who together wrote the screenplays for “How to Be Single” and “He’s Just Not That Into You”) doesn’t inspire confidence.

In 2018, the logic goes, do we really need a movie about a woman so warped by society’s impossible standards that she has to endure a belabored epiphany about the importance of inner beauty?

And even if so, should that woman be played by Amy Schumer, who, for all the mockery that has been directed at her weight and appearance, some but hardly all of it self-inflicted, is no sane person’s idea of forgettable or average-looking?

If the idea was to feature a woman marginalized by her appearance, wouldn’t a bolder, more progressive version of this story have cast a relative unknown, perhaps even a woman of color, someone without Schumer’s distracting white-feminist baggage and celebrity profile?

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