Barton Goldsmith: Time To Take A Break

By Barton Goldsmith
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As therapist Barton Goldsmith points out, “Amgen”, the big bio-tech firm, closes for the week of the Fourth of July, and other companies do similar things, because they recognize the value of time away from the office, and they know that some people won’t stop working unless the doors are locked.

Tribune News Service

Did you take a vacation this summer? All the research shows that people who do not take time off are less productive than those who take a week or two to unwind and unplug.

Otherwise, you will, at best, not be fully engaged in what you are doing or you will, at worst, burn out.

Sometimes that happens without warning. One day you wake up and realize you can’t go into work anymore even though you love it like your second family.

There’s almost nothing I like more than being productive. But to have the energy to be as productive as possible, I have to take time off.

Sometimes I push myself too hard. When self-aware enough to stop, I know how to pull back, but I can overdo it if I don’t. It’s like a runner’s high when I’m working on something that is moving life forward, I don’t want to stop. I get a rush of some great feelings and have lots of energy. But we all need to take a break sometimes.

You may do a bunch of different things and say to yourself, “Well this isn’t really work, because I’m also watching football” or “I’m not at the office and I’m in my sweats.” But your brain is still at your desk or on the job, thinking about what you could do or should have done. And that is hard on your psyche. It’s actually a way of beating yourself up. So is saying you can’t take time off.

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