Boca Raton ‘Santa’ Business Bags Shark Tank Deal

By Marcia Heroux Pounds
Sun Sentinel

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A Florida woman has created a unique business called “Sealed By Santa.” The company offers personalized letters, a phone call and videos from Santa Claus for $10.95

Sun Sentinel

Wearing an elf hat, Boca Raton business owner Sarah Blain snagged a Shark Tank investment in her personalized Santa letter business from Lori Greiner, an inventor and entrepreneur known as the “Queen of QVC.”

Now Blain is working double-time with her elves at Sealed by Santa to keep up with demand.

Blain said she started the business as a hobby 10 years ago because of her love of Christmas.

Sealed By Santa offers personalized letters, a phone call and videos from Santa Claus for $10.95 — available just through Sunday — in order to deliver by Christmas.

While there are similar “Santa” services, Blain said hers offers more customization. There are choices of 12 letters from Santa, as well as extra purchases, such as an Official Nice List certificate, “magical reindeer” food and a letter from Mrs. Claus.

Blain, 34, took a deal of $75,000 plus a $75,000 loan from Greiner on the ABC-TV show in return for a 22.5 percent equity in her business. The popular program showcases entrepreneurs who make pitches to a panel of would-be investors such as Greiner who either invest in — or reject — the business propositions offered them.

The segment about Sealed By Santa aired last Friday, and the phone calls and emails have been pouring in ever since, Blain said.

“It literally has been a whirlwind, getting ready for California [where the show is taped.],” she said Tuesday. After the show aired, she had to deal with both soaring orders as well as a sick child.

“I’ve been up the entire night,” Blain said.

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