At Book Festival, Acclaimed Authors Reflect On Finding Voice, Including ‘Me Too’

By Norma Coile
The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) At this year’s Tuscon book festival, many authors shared their perspectives on the #MeToo movement.

The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson

At the Tucson Festival of Books, celebrated and best-selling authors talk each year with eloquence, candor and humor about how they found their voices.

At this year’s festival, some writers saw parallels between that process — of learning to express their truths — and the way waves of women found their voices in recent months through the #MeToo movement, coming forward to share that they’ve been sexually assaulted or abused.

“It’s about getting rid of a lot of the assumptions you have about yourself, and that other people have about you, and finding out what is really true,” said Amy Tan, author of best-selling novels, including “The Joy Luck Club.”
“I am ‘me too’ five times,” Tan told an audience Saturday at the University of Arizona, where the book festival features hundreds of authors and is expected to draw about 135,000 visitors this weekend.

“I am ‘me too,’ too. Every woman is, to one degree or another,” added Tan’s co-presenter, poet Mary Karr, who wrote in her 1995 memoir “The Liars’ Club” that she was raped before she was 10.

Not unlike the vast emotional territories of their books, Tan and Karr’s repartee Saturday moved seamlessly between painful memories, on to black humor, back to childhood traumas, then to profane and funny competition about whose family was the most dysfunctional.

The two confided they’ve recently added some “#MeToo” lyrics to songs they perform with the all-star-author band Rock Bottom Remainders. Some of Tan’s, about a grabby guy’s pickup lines, cracked up their audience but can’t be repeated here. Tucsonans who got to see the band’s free concert Saturday night on the UA Mall probably heard them, though.

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