Boulder’s Prima-Temp Applying Wireless Tech To Work In Family Planning

By Charlie Brennan
Daily Camera, Boulder, Colo.

In this digital age, is it any surprise that a Boulder firm is launching a product employing wireless technology to advise couples hoping to conceive when it’s time to get down to business in the bedroom?

Aspiring moms and dads, prepare to meet Priya, which may have the potential to bring your baby-making scheduling into the 21st century as fast as you can say, “There’s an app for that.”

Because now there is.

Priya is the brand name on an intravaginal sensor being brought to market soon by Boulder’s Prima-Temp, which bills itself as offering “the most precise and accurate core body temperature measurements available.”

An over-the-counter intra-vaginal ring a woman can wear for a month at a time will continually monitor her core temperature; and when those temperature fluctuations indicate the time is right, the message “You are about to ovulate” will pop up on her smartphone.

This companion message can also be sent to her partner: “It’s time to get busy, we have identified that your partner is about to ovulate.”

“People get it,” said Prima-Temp President and CEO Lauren Costantini in an interview at the start-up’s Boulder office earlier this week. “It’s pretty straightforward. There’s nothing too high tech about it.”

It started in the barnyard, actually.

Wade Webster, a doctor and son of a Greeley feedlot owner, first developed a sensor temperature-measuring capsule swallowed by dairy cattle, where it dwells in one chamber of the animal’s stomach, providing early notice of illness or disease through temperature fluctuations in its body.

Webster holds the patent on that device, now widely used in agriculture, and he is credited as an inventor on the patent that Prima-Temp holds on the intravaginal sensor. He has contended that women are more likely to become pregnant through temperature monitoring than with expensive in-vitro fertilization, which can cost well over $10,000.

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