‘Broad City’ Returns, In A Changed Landscape

By Meredith Blake
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Once unknowns who started making “Broad City” as a Web series after failing to make the house improv team at the Upright Citizens Brigade; Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have since become fixtures on late-night couches and magazine covers alike.


On a rainy summer afternoon, Ilana Glazer is huddled under the awning of a Brooklyn cafe.

Clad in a black raincoat, jeans and a pair of clogs, she’d suggested meeting here to talk about the new season of her show, “Broad City,” but it turns out it’s closed. Glazer’s backup plan, a coffee shop around the corner, is quickly deemed too loud.

Finally, she settles on a mostly empty bar down the block. After some fussing with her iPhone, Glazer summons her creative partner, Abbi Jacobson, via FaceTime from Los Angeles. Parked in front of her laptop in an anonymous Airbnb rental, Jacobson looks cozy in a white sweatshirt.

Glazer orders some fries, they’re “insane,” she promises, a plate of $1 oysters and a side of pickles and has just begun talking about Season 4 when something catches Jacobson’s eye.

“Sorry, time out,” says a suddenly animated Jacobson, 33. “Great ear story.”

“Oh, my goodness, thank you,” replies Glazer, 30, cocking her head to display the “story” in question: three hoop earrings dangling from her right lobe. “I’m telling a new ear story.”

“I never get a new ear story,” says Jacobson with feigned jealousy.

To viewers of “Broad City,” the enthusiastic banter is a familiar scene. The buddy comedy, which returns to Comedy Central on Sept. 13 after an unusually long hiatus, follows the New York misadventures of twentysomething best friends Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler, younger, slightly exaggerated versions of co-creators Jacobson and Glazer.

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