Business Makes Treats To Increase Moms’ Milk Supply

By Angela Pittenger
The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson.

Milk and cookies go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Which is why a new Tucson company — Moo n Cookies — has created a cookie recipe that purports to increase a nursing mother’s milk supply, and is already doing booming business.

The cookies’ main ingredients — flax seed, oats, almonds and brewer’s yeast — are known as galactagogues, or items that induce and increase lactation, said Lindsay Parsons, owner of Moo n Cookies. Plus, “A lot of moms forget how many extra calories they need, so these have healthy extra calories, which also helps increase supply,” she said.

Galactagogues work by increasing blood flow, increasing prolactin and stimulating or even increasing milk receptor sites in the breast, said Renee Palting, a board-certified lactation consultant at Mindful Lactation.

Parsons started making the cookies for herself and friends when her baby was born almost three years ago. She said her friends kept telling her she should start a business selling them.

“But I didn’t have time. I had a little baby,” Parsons said. “So this year, when my little one became more independent, I started a Facebook page. I started it when my husband left for work that day and literally, when he came home, I was all, ‘I started a business today and I already have sales.'”

Moo n Cookies started out in February as her attempt to make a little extra cash. Sales have far surpassed Parson’s expectations.
“When I started it I said I’d be happy if I made $50 a week. That would be a little extra spending money, and now, I’m projected this year to bring in right around $200,000,” Parsons said.

Parsons estimates her overhead to be about 50 percent of that, so her profit will be about $100,000 at year’s end.
“Working from my home has really reduced costs, as well as has keeping my staff small,” she said. “It means a lot of work for me, but I don’t expect running a business to be easy.”

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