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By Kate Elizabeth Queram
Howard County Times, Columbia, Md.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) LaTaunya Howard is the author of “Kill the Rent, Grow Your Biz” — which outlines the benefits of using virtual office space. It is a subject she knows plenty about, she opened her own co-working space back in 2012 when the trend was starting to take off.

Howard County Times, Columbia, Md.

In 2012, LaTaunya Howard opened a flexible work-space business with the goal of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs more easily achieve their goals.

Six years later, she’s expanded on that idea by self-publishing a book and volunteering as the host of “C-Suite On Your Street,” a new monthly program on Laurel TV.

“As the business has evolved, I’ve learned that there are other opportunities and ways I can support businesses beyond the core business I have here,” Howard said. “The business show with Laurel TV is another way that I can help business owners — by helping them identify resources and skills to help them on their entrepreneurial journey.”

Howard’s business, Howard Corporate Centre, LLC provides temporary and virtual office space to local and statewide businesses who need a corporate presence in Laurel.

The center, located on the third floor of an office building just off Laurel Bowie Road near Patuxent Greens, offers a variety of packages, ranging from hourly office use to more permanent lease agreements to simply listing the center as a corporate mailing address.

The goal is to help business owners keep their overhead low while growing their empire, Howard said.

“Instead of having to take out a lease themselves or spend a lot of money for space they may not need all the time, they can use my services on a fractional basis as they need it,” she explained. “It’s a good way to add credibility and professionalism to the business. Instead of meeting out of your home or a coffee shop, which may make your prospects feel uncomfortable or question your legitimacy, you can work out of a comfortable and fully furnished environment.”

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