Businesswoman’s Secret: Make Others Feel Good

By M. Scott Morris
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Tupelo.


Leigh Ann Leslie believes she’s doing what’s she’s supposed to do, but that wasn’t always the case.

About seven years ago, she realized she hated her job.

“The reward there for working hard was more work: ‘You finished yours, can you finish theirs?'” the Tupelo resident said. “Did they give me any more money? Uh-uh.”

She was 26 at the time, and she had a plan. A few years earlier, she’d signed up as an independent consultant for BeautiControl, a cosmetic, skin care and spa treatment company based in Texas. She hadn’t done much with the company, but she decided it was time to try.

“People thought I was nuts when I started doing this job: ‘You’re going to do what? Sell lipstick? You don’t wear lipstick,'” she recalled. “They were right, I didn’t. Now red is my signature color. It kind of taught me to take care of myself.”

These days, Leslie, 33, is her own boss. An assistant helps her on a part-time basis, and she has about 850 consultants working under her.

“We can sell the products, and we can recruit others,” she said. “I have people in 19 states. If they need me, they call me.”

One of her recent rewards for doing more work was a red 2015 Mercedes C250 Coupe.

“I’ll probably keep it, just because it’s fun. It drives and handles really well,” said Leslie, who took the cash option a few years ago when BeautiControl tried to give her a Ford Mustang.

Back when she first decided to work seriously with the company, Leslie attended a conference in Dallas, where Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine, was a featured speaker.

“He said, ‘You can be anywhere you want to be in this company in six months if you can get the negativity out of your life,'” Leslie said. “That’s what I did. I got the negativity out of my life. Once I was dating a guy who was negative, and I had a lapse in the business. I had to go back to what I teach my people.”

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