Busted Bra Shop Founder Helps Women Find Right Fit In Detroit, Chicago

By Allie Gross
Detroit Free Press

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The fitters at “Busted Bra Shop” say that many shops don’t take the time to break breast measurements down, much less actually fit someone.

Detroit Free Press

Sheryl Evans had found the perfect breezy, full-length cream dress to wear to her brother’s wedding in St. Martin next month. For only $24 at Value World it was a steal.

There was just one problem: The dress was a halter, and she needed a bra. A comfortable, strapless bra that would work with the dress but also provide support on the dance floor.

Luckily, a friend from work had recommended the Busted Bra Shop in Detroit’s Midtown.

Visiting for the first time, Evans was in high spirits. She was able to find a strapless bra (she put it on hold as she still has to make alterations to the dress) but she also found several other “everyday” options.

“I got some everyday bras, in cute colors! Something big girls can’t get,” she said, explaining that typically the more fun lingerie only comes in smaller sizes. “Big girls only get nude, black and white. Those are the colors.”

Busted’s selection of bras from across the globe has changed this. And, as proven by Evans, there is a market for this. So much so that the small boutique is now expanding. This month owners Lee and Patrick Padgett opened a new shop in Chicago. In the fall they plan to open a second Detroit location in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood on the border of Grosse Pointe.

“We can get more fun colors,” Evans said with a smile, showing off the two bras she had selected — a fuschia number and a red and white floral bra.

While the teacher was already onboard with specialty bra shops — in the past she has gone to Bravo Intimates in Royal Oak — being able to stop into a store in Detroit, near her, was a real win.

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