Canna-Preneurs Thrive In Growing Business Climate

By Rene Ray De La Cruz
Daily Press, Victorville, Calif.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Laura Hardin, founder of a marijuana delivery service says businesses are springing up all over the High Desert as marijuana becomes legal on several levels in the state.


As local municipalities craft marijuana ordinances, a crop of cannabis entrepreneurs are already blooming in the industry.

Many of those business and cannabis-minded individuals will have their hands full on Thursday when countless marijuana lovers will toke, smoke, dab and light up on the unofficial holiday known as “Weed Day.”

Over 50 vendors will display their canna-goodies at 420 High Desert Hot Box at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds. Laura Hardin said her High Desert 420 delivery team will be there to meet new and prospective patients at the eight-hour festival.

Hardin, who lives in Oak Hills, said she began her delivery business over 20 years ago as a result of her own illness. Today, she delivers medical marijuana-based products to patients all across the High Desert.

“Businesses are springing up all over the High Desert as marijuana becomes legal on several levels in the state,” said Hardin, who was working double duty on the eve of Weed Day. “We’ll see who the real business people are once the state begins issuing licenses and regulating growers, producers and collectives.”

Hardin delivers medical cannabis products to some 250 regular patients with an average age of 45. She said her client list of about 4,000 individuals includes doctors, attorneys, teachers, housewives, students, politicians, seniors, veterans and other people who “need the medication.”

Hardin said the price of flower has decreased across the state since medical marijuana was legalized. She believes the price will continue to plummet, making it “very affordable for the patients who need it.”

“For many of us, helping patients to save money and to feel better is the purpose for our businesses,” Hardin said. “That’s not always true for some businesses owners.”

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