Citizens Seek To ‘Close Internet Gender Gap’

By Camille Dupire
Jordan Times, Amman

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) 70 volunteers joined forces to increase the number of women represented on Wikipedia, under the title “WikiGap edit-a-thon”.


Aghast by the fact that over 90 percent of the content generated on the online platform Wikipedia is created by men, the Swedish embassy in Amman and the UN Jordan partnered to shine a brighter light on the achievements of prominent Jordanian and Arab women on the website.

Along with a number of local partners, some 70 volunteers gathered at the Khawarizmi International Academy Academy in Khalda to increase the number of women represented on Wikipedia, under the title “WikiGap edit-a-thon”.

“Some volunteers worked from a distance and the day before, all in all, the number of participants was a bit more than 100,” said Sara Sara Lundgren from the Swedish embassy, noting that the total number of Wiki articles about women produced during the event amounted to 139, while more than 120 other written articles are now waiting to be uploaded.

“WikiGap primarily concerns representation, which in turn concerns reflecting the world as it actually appears. We want to see Jordanian and Arab women profiles represented in all contexts, to the same extent as their male counterparts — including on the internet,” said Erik Ullenhag, Swedish ambassador to Jordan.

“Sweden is the first country in the world with a feminist foreign policy. It emanates from a moral conviction based on justice and human rights, and also because gender equality is a basic condition for peace, security and sustainable development,” he continued.

The world’s largest online user-generated encyclopedia, Wikipedia displays a great gender imbalance, like in society at large, a statement by the embassy said, citing the fact that there are four times more articles about men than there are about women.

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