Coffee Sellers Join ‘Good Fat’ Frenzy With Buttered Brew

By Sammy Caiola
The Sacramento Bee

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) What isn’t made better with butter? You can now add coffee to the list! A “butter coffee craze” is picking up steam with promises of weight loss and sharper brainpower.

The Sacramento Bee

The Cognitive Coffee at Vibe Health Bar in Oak Park looks like a latte. It’s thick, frothy and steaming, with an aroma to whet a caffeine junkie’s thirst. But it tastes of an unusual additive: butter.

Vibe, which opened this March, is one of at least two coffee vendors in the Sacramento area that have begun incorporating butter into their brews.

Fans claim that butter fat, when combined with an oil extracted from coconuts, boosts cognitive function, imparts a longer-lasting caffeine buzz and speeds metabolism.

The butter coffee craze took hold in Silicon Valley a few years ago, when entrepreneur Dave Asprey started peddling a drink called Bulletproof Coffee. He got hundreds of people on board with promises of weight loss and brainpower.

Experts have voiced doubts about Asprey’s claims, but the trend continues to gain steam among a growing group of consumers who are rejecting carbohydrates and embracing what they call healthy fats from olive oil, avocado, butter and even bacon.

“You’re drinking fat, but it’s good fat,” said Shaun Leeper, owner of Vibe and a butter-coffee drinker for the past three years. “You’re getting good fat in your system early in the day, which speeds up your body’s metabolism and fat burning.”

Scott Estrada, a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, makes butter coffee for his business, WholeHearted Juice Company, which sells its beverages at Sacramento-area farmers markets and yoga studios. He said many people find the buttery taste too much at first, but some get hooked and drink butter coffee every day.

Estrada’s version of Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee is called SuperHero Coffee, and it sells, cold, for $11 a bottle. Like other butter-coffee concoctions on the market, SuperHero Coffee contains medium chain triglyceride oil, a product extracted from coconuts that proponents say is key to butter coffee’s benefits.

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