Compartmentalize Worries To Ease Stress

By Barton Goldsmith
Tribune News Service.

There are people who have the ability to put their emotional issues into compartments within their heads and hearts and just deal with those feelings or issues when they need to. When people talk about living in the moment, this is one of the ways it can be accomplished. But if the emotions have gotten to the point where you are thinking about them constantly, finding a place to retreat within yourself may not be easy, but it can be done.

When you have more than one serious thing going on at a time, it can be very difficult to maintain your focus or serenity.

And I am not suggesting you put all your emotions on hold. What we all need to learn is the ability, even if just for a moment, to put away the things that hurt us, so we can gain some perspective on how to deal with them. This will also help us cope better.

There may be certain times of day when you have greater ability to do this. I like to write in the morning to get my feelings out, and afterward I can focus on important things. Others have different times and methods. One couple regularly comes to see me at 5 p.m., so they can deal with whatever is going on, put it away and go to dinner. The process has worked well for them, but they had to agree on the ground rules and only bring to the table topics that they are both ready to discuss. (You can always ask your partner for more time if you’re not ready to talk. Simply say, “This really isn’t a good time. Can we talk later please?” Just be sure to set a time to have the conversation you need to have.)

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