Cooling Employee Burnout Helps The Bottom Line

By Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen
Tribune News Service.

Do your employees or co-workers seem bogged down and unmotivated? Are they taking longer to finish routine projects, or do they make too many excuses about why they can’t keep up with the workload?

If so, these individuals may be wrestling with burnout. In today’s complex society, we all deal with dozens of issues in our personal lives before we get to work. This overload of problems and pressures pushes even the strongest person to the limit.

We can have job burnout, or we can have “life” burnout. Think of this as burning the tires off a car, while spinning the wheels faster and faster, but making little progress in moving forward.

Doing too much, giving too much means using up one’s personal emotional reserves. Burnout occurs when we expend a lot of energy, but we don’t see any real rewards coming back to us. After a time, it takes more and more energy to accomplish even basic tasks.

Tired burned-out employees will cost any employer in the long run. If employees begin to fade in creativity and drive, this will start to erode any company’s bottom line.

These strategies can help you empower your workplace associates to curb or reduce burnout:

-Do some nice things for your employees, even on a small budget. Making individuals feel appreciated will feed their morale. Providing coffee, snacks, and magazines in a break room can help.

-Help employees get organized. Hire a seminar speaker to teach your employees ways to save time and energy. Or better yet, hire a professional coach to help individuals organize their phone calls, priorities, paperwork and to-do lists.

-Offer rewards for good ideas on problem solving. Ask employees to write out detailed plans for improving methods in your workplace. Try to incorporate those good ideas and thank the employee via gift cards or having a photo in the company newsletter.

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