Couple Creates Crowdfunding Sites for Every Event in Life

By Robert Digitale
The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif.

When Janelle Rossi crashed her bike last summer on hilly Pine Flat Road outside Healdsburg, members of a local cycling club rallied to provide their injured friend with 30 gluten-free dinners.

However, the riders of Santa Rosa’s NorCal Velo club didn’t pop casseroles in the oven.

Instead, they donated $790 on Plumfund, a crowdfunding site that a Sebastopol couple created after first starting an alternative bridal registry for honeymooners.

The cyclers’ contributions helped pay for seafood risotto, salmon and other delicious meals from Santa Rosa’s Riviera Ristorante, Rossi said. Members even picked up the dinners and delivered them to her.

Recovery from the accident has been difficult, she said, but the actions of club members and the wider cycling community have greatly encouraged her.

“They’re like my brothers and sisters,” Rossi said. “They’re wonderful.”

The 9-month-old Plumfund is the brainchild of Sara and Josh Margulis.

The married couple first created Honeyfund, a bridal registry where wedding guests can pay for parts of a honeymoon rather than for silverware, towels, or an electric mixer.

The site was named one of the 50 best websites of 2012 by Time magazine.

Sara Margulis, 39 and an Analy High grad, said guests to her wedding contributed $8,000 to help send Josh and her on their honeymoon to Fiji in 2005.

Her husband, 36, at the time a software and systems engineer, set up a simple honeymoon gift system on their wedding website. It raised enough money that the couple even donated 10 percent of the total to charity.

“It was really surprising how much the guests latched onto the concept,” Sara Margulis said.

The couple, who were introduced to each other by mutual friends in San Francisco, launched Honeyfund in 2006.

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