Creative Fragrance Boutique Offers Luxurious Experience

By Laura Fay
The Times-Tribune, Scranton, Pa.

Danielle Fleming mixes her two passions — fine fragrance and psychology — at Note Fragrances, the custom perfume boutique she founded in downtown Scranton.

Discerning her dream was not easy, though.

Ms. Fleming was working on a master’s degree in counseling/psychology at Marywood University when she started a small business selling scented personal-care products in search of a new way to test theories about the relationship between aromas and the brain.

Eventually, she realized she had to decide which path she would follow.

“My dream was to become a psychologist, and my dream definitely shifted to becoming an entrepreneur,” Ms. Fleming said. “And at some point in my career, I had to decide: Do I want to be a psychologist, or do I want to be an entrepreneur?”

The decision was difficult, but, in true psychologist fashion, Ms. Fleming decided what to do by paying attention to her behavior. She took note of what she did every morning when she woke up to figure out what she loved doing most.

“Every morning consistently I woke up and did the business,” instead of studying psychology, she said.

After she finished her master’s degree, Ms. Fleming worked for Firmenich, the world’s largest privately owned perfume and flavor company. Working at Firmenich played a role in the development of Note because it taught Ms. Fleming about the industry and the science behind fragrance.

“Perfumery itself is a very mysterious and magical world, and a lot of people don’t know what happens behind the scenes, how you really make something smell. … I wanted it to be a nice blend of learning and a fun and exciting experience,” she said.

Ms. Fleming said she spent two years developing Note and had friends and family try the custom perfume experience at her home before she launched the business in her storefront at Wyoming Avenue and Spruce Street in 2013.

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