A Dog Lover’s Labor Of Love

By Charles Warner
The Union Daily Times, S.C.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Stacy Fleming started her dog grooming business from home while still in school. Now that she has graduated, Fleming has officially opened “Shampooches Grooming Salon” in a Jonesville S.C. building she purchased. She has been working on the new space day and night and hosted a formal opening Saturday with a ribbon-cutting for both two-legged and four-legged guests.


The newest business to open in the Town of Jonesville is a “labor of love” by the owner who says she’s doing it because she loves dogs.

“Shampooches Grooming Salon” had its formal opening Saturday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, open house, and luncheon attended by both two-legged and four-legged guests.

The salon is owned and operated by Stacy Fleming who, like so many entrepreneurs, started her business in her home, a business she said she started while still in school.

“I attended Groomadog Academy from December to March to become a certified groomer,” Fleming said following Saturday’s ribbon-cutting. “I started my business in the garage of my home before graduation.”

While her garage was where she started her business, Fleming was already looking for a more permanent location and found it in the old Jonesville Town Hall at 149 Pacolet Street in downtown Jonesville.

“We purchased the building in mid-March and have been working on it day and night since then,” Fleming said. ‘It’s a labor of love because grooming is something I’ve always wanted to do and I love dogs. I have four of my own.”

The result of all that work was on display during the open house that followed the ribbon-cutting ceremony giving guests an opportunity to see the renovated and refurbished facility that includes the grooming room where Fleming, with the assistance of her mother, Sara Fowler, and, on occasion, her daughter, Jenna, will groom the dogs entrusted to the care of Shampooches.

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