Donald Trump Candidacy’s Upside For Women

By Joe Garofoli
San Francisco Chronicle

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Sitting down for a conversation with Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, (an organization that supports Democratic, pro-abortion-rights female candidates across the country), writer Joe Garofoli takes a look at the Trump candidacy in regards to women and what may be the lasting affects far beyond election day.

San Francisco Chronicle

It is hard to see this right now through the toxic haze of this 2016 presidential race, but there is something positive on the horizon for women — and ultimately, for all of us. And, in a sick way, we should thank Donald Trump for making it possible.

Yes, something positive will come out of Trump’s litany of odious comments about women — from mocking fellow Republican Carly Fiorina’s looks to a former Miss Universe’s weight. Something game-changing will rise from hearing the “Access Hollywood” recording where he boasts about using his celebrity to sexually assault women. And we will someday be in a better place for hearing Trump brag about the size of his junk during a GOP primary debate.

In the short term, all that misogyny is expected to inspire the largest gender gap of support in political history, as the latest Reuters poll shows Hillary Clinton with a 10-point lead among women, more than double from the week before. And should those votes help make Clinton the first female president in the nation’s history, that will quicken the pace of the long-term positivity — eventually.

“I believe it is going to plant seeds all over in young women and girls about the importance of public service and running for office,” Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, told me over coffee the other day in San Francisco. “I think it’s going to change the number of women running for office in a very, very big way.”

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