Dreamers // Doers Aims To Supercharge Female Entrepreneurs

By Jonathan Takiff
Philadelphia Daily News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Combining aspects of social networking, information and advice sharing, “Dreamers // Doers” offers an online “safe space” for female entrepreneurs.

Philadelphia Daily News

Are you a female with a dead-end job and a great entrepreneurial idea? Or one who’s already started a business but in need of professional feedback, moral support, or maybe part-time or full-time work assistance?

Dreamers // Doers might offer just the jolt of camaraderie, fresh insights, and mutual empowerment you need to move your project from “nice idea” to full-fledged success.

Combining aspects of social networking, information and advice sharing, and juicy job posting, Dreamers // Doers offers an online “safe space” for female entrepreneurs whose bold dreams might have earned a quick dismissal in a mostly male or mixed setting, explained 34-year-old founder Gesche Haas.

A former investor for a hedge fund, her interesting first name, and never-say-no spirit reflects an international bloodline, dad’s German, mom’s Chinese/Malayasian, and her often-challenging, globe-hopping upbringing.

“We’ve noticed over time that women act differently, are more outspoken, honest, and sharing, when they’re in the majority versus the minority,” Haas noted in a recent chat. And in the Dreamers // Doers ethic, giving is more important than getting, with positivity lifting all boats.

“Women don’t celebrate wins enough. When one succeeds, we all succeed. And your pro bono offer of help could lead to a business collaboration down the road.”

Guys are most definitely welcome, though, at Dreamers // Doers off-line events _ likely to happen here “about once a month at shared spaces, like WeWork and maybe in the LIFT Labs for Entrepreneurs work spaces that Comcast will be opening.”

Four years in development, with chapters now in a dozen cities from L.A. to London, the “extended family” of Dreamers // Doers has grown to a community numbering “in the five figures,” nurtured mostly on word of mouth “and without advertising or taking corporate sponsorship for fear we’d then be accountable,” said the developer. Dreamers // Doers’ value is growing by leaps and bounds. “It’s been estimated that half the population will be identifying as freelance workers by 2020,” Haas cites.

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