Entrepreneur Inspires Others With Her Greeting Cards

By Beth Whitehouse

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Greeting card entrepreneur Jean Marie Prince started writing inspirations in 1998. Her writing evolved over the years. First, she put her words on plaques she gave to family and friends and in 2017 she branched out professionally into greeting cards.


When Jean Marie Prince penned a greeting card to send to people adopting a baby, she was drawing from experience, when she was 2 days old, she was abandoned in a public bathroom in a train station in Seoul, South Korea.

Prince spent the next five years in a Korean orphanage before being adopted by a Long Island family.

Today, at 53, she lives in Nesconset, N.Y., and devotes herself to creating inspirational prose about significant life events. Sixteen of her pieces are being tested in 20 stores nationwide by the Boulder, Colorado-based Blue Mountain Arts card company, known for its whimsical pastel designs accompanied by poetic thoughts.

Prince has also created her own personal line of more than 50 cards, most with spiritual overtones, sold in Long Island gift shops.

Those are illustrated by photographs she’s taken capturing nautical scenes such as a sunrise in Long Beach or a sunset in Montauk. King Kullen is also testing those cards at five Long Island stores, Bridgehampton, Massapequa Park, Island Park, Garden City Park, and Huntington.

Her topics reach far beyond traditional greeting cards for holidays such as the upcoming Easter celebration.

She marks happy occasions such as the aforementioned adoption, “Only God knew that their hearts were going to melt at the first sight of your precious face”, or becoming a police officer, “It takes a very special person to want to protect complete strangers.”

But many also deal with helping people through a struggle, for instance to support those considering divorce, battling addiction, or dealing with a loved one’s suicide. “These are topics you will not usually find in stores,” Prince says.

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