Entrepreneur Making Motorcycle Jackets For Women That Are Sexy, Safe — And Not Black

By Olivia Harlow
The Santa Fe New Mexican

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Alexis Dudley says her unique motorcycle jacket designs combine fashion with safety.

The Santa Fe New Mexican

Ideas are born in a variety of ways, in a variety of places. For Alexis Dudley, the lightbulb went off while she was perched on the seat of a 2003 Triumph motorcycle.

A self-taught fashion designer in Eldorado, Dudley is in the midst of launching Flying Duchess, a “motowear” company that targets the growing number of female motorcyclists nationwide, while filling what she calls an “obvious void.”

Her designs, she says, combine fashion with safety, a fusion she believes is rarely available.

“Every time I looked for jackets that were fashionable … the leather was really thin, they had no armor, the back was not covered, so if you fell, you were not going to be protected at all. You were just kind of like a trophy,” Dudley said. “You could either look darling on your bike or look like you borrowed something from your uncle that had everything you need to be safe.”

With more women showing interest in motorcycling and major companies “starting to address women riding,” Dudley says the timing of her enterprise couldn’t be more appropriate. Though she isn’t sure of the business‘s official launch date, Dudley said she’s accepting preorders. But for now, she’s focusing on the company’s initial launch.

A report from the Motorcycle Industry Council states the percentage of female riders has risen from 8 percent to over 14 percent since 1998, and of 30 million-plus Americans who rode a bike at least once in 2014, a quarter of them were women. Dudley said the market has shifted accordingly in the past couple of years, and she hopes Flying Duchess will play a role in its continued progress.

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