Entrepreneur Ready To Toast To Her Next Adventure

By Ted Yoakum
Niles Daily Star, Mich.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) After spending many years working with a company called Alpha Products in Atlanta, Becky Bennett decided to branch out and start her own business, “Entrepreneur Success Inc.” She continues to own and operate the business, along with Royalties Inc., managing both businesses. Last month, Bennett took over ownership of the former Irish Spartan Sports Bar near the shores of Indian Lake outside Dowagiac, a place that holds a special place in her heart.


Berrien Springs’ Becky Bennett is no stranger to branching out and trying something new.

A confessed “serial entrepreneur,” Bennett has spent the past 20 years being her own boss, launching her first business, Entrepreneur Success Inc., in 1997, followed a few years later by a second venture, Royalties Inc.

She and her staff with the two firms have worked with hundreds of businesses over the decades, helping launch transportation startups and monitor the finances of franchised restaurants across the U.S.

For her next big move, though, she is sticking to something a little closer to home — and heart.

Last month, Bennett took over ownership of the former Irish Spartan Sports Bar, located near the shores of Indian Lake outside Dowagiac. The business owner has spent the past several weeks turning the local watering hole into a family-friendly pub, which she has aptly rechristened as Indian Lake Pub.

With only a few construction tasks and several regulatory inspections left to cross off her list, the Berrien Springs woman said she expects to officially open the doors of the establishment, located at 55986 Indian Lake Road, to customers sometime next week.

Though she has lived a good portion of her life outside Atlanta, the Dowagiac-Eau Claire area is where Bennett originally called home. She grew up on Brush Lake, located just a short distance away from Indian Lake, and graduated from Eau Claire High School.

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