Entrepreneur Taps Inner Strength To Launch Fitness Center

By Maria Lockwood
Superior Telegram, Wis.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)> Personal Fitness trainer Kelly Kellar says the journey from trainer to business owner has been about empowerment. It’s a message she now wants to pass on to others in both body and mind at her fitness studio “The Strength Factory.”

Superior Telegram, Wis.

With the opening of her new business, Kelly Kellar flexed some new muscles.

“I do not like to sell myself,” said Kellar, owner and sole proprietor of The Strength Factory. “I’m about building other people up, so being in the spotlight like that, my nerves were just shot.”

She launched an indiegogo campaign this spring to raise the $20,000 needed to secure a business loan and equipment. The public response pointed to a strong future for her fitness enterprise.

“It was the last day we had, I think, $5,000 left (to raise),” Kellar said. “It’s like watching the stocks. You know, you kind of just want to run away but you really can’t and you know you only have a few hours left. But a lot of people really came through at the last minute, and all of a sudden it was three grand over.”

Propelled by backers and some dedicated friends, Kellar turned the inside of the former train depot at 933 Oakes Ave. into a fitness center. The Strength Factory opened Sept. 12 after a flurry of painting, cleaning and construction.

“It was a mad dash,” said Kellar, of Proctor, but classes, including the Strong Compass program for veterans, are now up and running.

“It’s a big new adventure,” said Jessica Karpinske, a kettlebell instructor. “I’m just excited to get going and see what we can do over here with more space.”

Many of the center’s six trainers taught at Kinetic Fitness, which closed its doors in May. The new depot-based center offers many of the same fitness options Kinetic did, from body weight and TRX to kickboxing and kettlebells. Spinning and rowing machines are also available.

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