Entrepreneurs Flock To Innovation Hub’s First Expo

By Adam Troxtell
The Norman Transcript, Okla.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) There were plenty of OU students who showed off their ideas to potential investors at the first “Entrepreneurship Expo.” Calla Hamlin and Addie Cox, presented “Bridal Wave”, a web-based facilitator for wedding planning.

The Norman Transcript, Okla.

The OU Tom Love Innovation Hub turned into a trade show floor on Thursday, as the inaugural Entrepreneurship Expo brought out investors, onlookers and plenty of ideas.

Some came with established ideas, such as Real Kitchen Salsa, the Loveworks, Inc. facilitated company run by middle schoolers. OU alumni living nearby brought their ideas and innovations to share.

“The idea was truly to build and bring together the community to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship,” Denise Parris, assistant professor of entrepreneurship at the Price College of Business, said. “People from OU, Moore Norman Technology Center, and everybody from the community. There’s many organizations in Oklahoma that are really and truly seeking to make a difference, and at the Price College of Business, our goal is to have an impact on Oklahoma through entrepreneurship and innovation, being at the center and bringing everybody together.”

There were also plenty of OU students who showed off their brand new ideas to potential investors, many for the first time. Some, like Calla Hamlin and Addie Cox, had been developing their idea in class and were now finally able to show it off in a real-world setting.

Hamlin and Cox presented Bridal Wave, a web-based facilitator for wedding planning. Hamlin said she developed the idea at another Innovation Hub event.

“I went to the Startup Weekend here at the Innovation Hub, and I had a totally different idea going in,” Hamlin said. “I was actually standing in line talking to this guy about it, and he said ‘Well, that’s never going to work.’ So kind of to spite him, I got up there with a new idea, and I knew I was interested in the wedding industry so I wanted to give it a try.”

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