The 10 Mistakes You Make On Dating Apps –– And How To Fix Them

By Erika Ettin
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) From boring conversation starters to “too much Texting”, dating expert Erika Ettin shows why that dating app may not be working for you.

Tribune News Service

Many people have said to themselves (or to everyone around them!), “These dating apps just don’t work.”

Have you said that?

When we delve into why the dating apps “don’t work,” it turns out that you may be committing one of the 10 mistakes I’m about to share. They aren’t rules, but rather tried and tested methods that work. Most of these mistakes are surprisingly simple. Let’s see how many you’re guilty of making.

–– Not writing a profile. Writing nothing makes you appear either lazy or like you’re not invested in the process of meeting someone. Neither is an appealing look. Regardless of how attractive you are in your photos, if you haven’t written a single word, then people have no idea what you’re even doing there. It doesn’t take much. I recommend 20 to 40 words on a dating app like Tinder or Bumble. What should you say? What you do for a living, a few fun facts about yourself, some random skills, a favorite food, where you’ve lived –– anything that might set you apart.

–– Too many pictures. Just because a dating site allows you to upload a certain number of photos doesn’t mean you have to. Four or five is the optimal number because people have a tendency to find one photo they don’t like and not swipe right or write to you because of it. Let’s not let that happen.

–– Group shots and pictures with others
Don’t do it. You’ll be compared with your friends. You’ll be dismissed because people don’t want to play Where’s Waldo. People want to see the person who is going to show up on the date. Period. No “social proof” that you have friends is needed. Just make sure they’re not all selfies. Then people wonder.

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