That Feeling When Oprah Turns Your Life Story Into A Movie. ‘Love Warrior’ Fans, Rejoice

By Heidi Stevens
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) So thrilled for Glennon Doyle!!!! If you have not read her amazing book “Love Warrior”, Run…don’t walk! Next up, Oprah and Glennon are joining forces to bring her story to the big screen.

Chicago Tribune

It’s Facebook official: Glennon Doyle’s “Love Warrior” is coming (eventually) to a theater near you.

“I have some big news for us,” Doyle announced recently on her various social media platforms. “Oprah is turning ‘Love Warrior’ into a movie.”

Two years ago, Doyle wrote, Oprah Winfrey invited Doyle and her sister to her home to talk about Together Rising, a charity Doyle launched in 2012 to tackle some of the social injustices she discusses on her Momastery blog.

The conversation turned to “Love Warrior,” Doyle’s 2016 memoir about the collapse and piecing-back-together of her marriage to Craig Melton. (They’ve since divorced. Doyle married soccer star Abby Wambach in 2017.)

“Love Warrior” was Winfrey’s Oprah Book Club selection in September 2016.

“As I read your book, it unfolded in front of me like a movie,” Winfrey told Doyle. “I saw the characters and scenes in my mind as I turned the pages.”

Me too, Doyle told her.

“And she smiled and said: Would you like to turn it into a movie together?” Doyle relayed in her Facebook post.

“Yes, please, I said.”

“What actor do you want to play you?” Winfrey asked her.

“I was quiet for so long that I could tell Sister was getting worried,” Doyle wrote. (She calls her sister, “Sister.”) “I finally said: I’m sorry. I can’t, at the moment, think of any actors or even remember what the word actor means, really. I seem to have forgotten all of my words. I can’t think of any words.”

Winfrey asked Doyle if she’d like to look at her garden.

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