Female-Exclusive Taxi Service Looks To Offer Safe Rides

By Muath Freij
Jordan Times, Amman.


The unpleasant experiences of four Jordanian women and their friends in dealing with a number of cabdrivers have pushed them to launch a new project for a female exclusive taxi service.

Dubbed “Shecab”, the project entails providing taxis for women only and for their families in the Kingdom, according to one of the founders, Rahmeh Abushweimeh.

It all started when the four women separately submitted applications to the US embassy in Amman for a women empowerment programme called “Women’s role in leadership”, Abushweimeh told The Jordan Times in a recent interview.

“They accepted our applications and we took part in the five-week programme at Saint Mary’s College, which is a university only for women, in late June 2014,” she said. “In the fifth week, they organised a contest for the participating countries. We were asked to do a project that provides awareness and services that benefit women in our societies.”

Abushweimeh said they came up with Shecab, which hires women taxi drivers to pick up only female passengers.

“The aim behind our project is to provide women with job opportunities and offer female passengers a safer means of transport. We are aware of the fact that security prevails in the Kingdom but some taxi drivers deal with us in an uncivilised manner.”

The Shecab team received a $1,000 fund launched in October 2014 by the college after the training programme concluded.

“We believe in our idea and we want to go ahead with it,” she added.

Abushweimeh, who is studying pharmacology at university, said the funding was used to train three women to obtain taxi driving licences.

“Each licence costs JD68,” she said, adding that they have also registered their company.

“Our cars will also equipped with GPS so that families of passengers can track their relatives.”

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