Few Men Want ‘Dream Woman’ Drinking A Beer, Survey Says

By Stephanie Earls
The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

All booze being equal (12 ounces regular beer equals 1 ounce spirits equals 5 ounces wine), some booze is more equal than others when you’re out on the town with a potential significant other.

We’ll pause a moment for you to collect your senses and a beer. No judging.

OK. We get that what (and, to a greater degree, how much) we drink can offer insights into our mood and intentions, if not necessarily our character and dateability.

And we get, too, that when we let our libations speak for us, especially when we’re female, and especially when we’re with strangers, what those drinks say isn’t always what we meant.

Hard liquor, for instance, isn’t known for its tact. Consider: “Sex on the Beach,” that perennial co-ed fave, and the many treacly cocktails of its ilk, with names unsuitable for print. Consider: The Jagerbomb, a drink that says lots of things, none of them “potential mother of your children” (at least not in the traditional sense).

It might be a visual thing.

“A cocktail just looks more ladylike. It’s still booze, you’re still drinking, but it just looks better (than beer),” said Ben Jackson, general manager at The Ritz in Colorado Springs, who for 18 years has served couples on dates at the upscale, downtown restaurant.

“I certainly see ladies drink more wine and martinis. I think it has a lot to do with calories, and cocktails can be gluten-free. It’s all about the way you’re perceived. If we served beer in a fancier glass …”

Unlike wine, most beers don’t come in an easily splittable format, Jackson pointed out. For a regular/frequent beer drinker, a cocktail might simply better suit the rarefied atmosphere, and attitude, of a special occasion.

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