Five Ways To Make Your 2017 Resolution Work In 2018

By Alison Bowen
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) How can you make those resolutions stick in 2018? Alison Bowen of the Chicago Tribune has a few simple tips to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Chicago Tribune

You want to be on time. You want to eat better. You swear you’ll exercise. That’s what you said at the end of 2016 too.

What if you could really, truly tackle last year’s resolution for 2018?

When plotting goals, the more targeted the better, says Alok Trivedi, author of “Chasing Success: Lessons in Aligned Performance” and founder of Chicago-based Aligned Performance Institute, where he coaches on performance.

1. Think of things that can be measured. Make a plan to check in every quarter. But personally? He’s not too into people making resolutions.

“They set up fantasies, and they don’t set up real strategies,” he said. To fix that fantasy problem, we talked to experts on how to lay down a plan for success.

Ask yourself what’s important to you. “You’ve got to look at your previous resolutions and ask yourself, ‘Is this really a high value to me?’ ” instructs Trivedi. Take a peek at your week, and see where you spend your time and energy. That’s what you care about. It might be your children, for example. Consider how weight loss might affect your children. Would you be able to play with them more? Would the kids worry about your health less? Use that as motivation to achieve your goal, he said.

2. Lose the shame. One of the first things to do, said St. George, Utah-based Dr. Bradley Nelson, who works with people on topics like depression and unresolved anger, is to check in with yourself emotionally. Often, people fail at goals because of what he calls self-sabotage.

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