Folk Queen Joan Baez ‘Grateful For Having Dropped The BS’ With Bob Dylan

By Jon Bream
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Folk-music legend Joan Baez talks about her new album, activism and, of course, the state of the nation.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Joan Baez sounded sunny and upbeat, two words not usually associated with her.

Maybe it’s because the folk-music queen and godmother of social activism was phoning from Boston, where she started her career.

Maybe it’s because she’s proud of her just released studio album, “Whistle Down the Wind.”

Maybe it’s because she’s encouraged by the activism of Parkland High School students.

Maybe it’s because the 77-year-old is traveling the country on her farewell tour, due Saturday, Oct. 6, at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.

Baez even had nice things to say about Bob Dylan, something she hasn’t done for years.

“I was lucky to have been around when he was writing and to have been able to sing what he was writing,” she said.

“In that period, in those 10 years, he was the best we had to put in our arsenals of music and social consciousness and protests.”

In a breezy chat, Baez talked about her album, activism and, of course, the state of the nation.

Q: How is your farewell tour going?

A: Stunningly. People should quit more often. There’s just more excitement and more response, and as a result I’m probably performing better.

Q: If people quit more often, they become Cher.

A: You just have to do it tactfully.

Q: Why did you decide it was time to do a farewell tour?

A: A lot of reasons. The first one being the voice. The performance right now is also very difficult to keep up. I would rather go out when it’s really good. The long tours, I forget my age and probably should be a little kinder to my body. I’ll miss it. I specifically love this tour family. I’ll probably miss that more than anything. I’m stopping the big tours, but I’ve left it open to do one-offs or things with other people.

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