For Many Singles, It’s A One-And-Done Dating Scene

By Aimee Blanchette

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) With Match, eharmony, tinder, you name it, the choices for online dating are plentiful.  So what is holding people back from finding a relationship?  Twin Cities dating coach Kimberly Koehler who is empowering women to find that special someone says that a lot of people will read a profile, create an idea of who that person is, get their hopes up, and then they meet them and it falls short in 2.2 seconds.  That’s why Koehler advises her clients to have a three-date rule. Give people a shot, well, at least more than 2.2 seconds.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

There are many fish in the sea, but with the advent of, Tinder, even Twitter, those fish have never been so easy to catch. We can order up our next date the same way we order a pizza.

One in 10 Americans, and a total of 91 million people in the world, are now looking for love online. With that many people at our fingertips, dating has become a game of quantity over quality.

“First dates are easy to get,” said Lauren Fogel, a psychologist and certified sex therapist for Allina Health Nicollet Mall Clinic, but landing a second “is a mark of triumph.”

Combine busy schedules, a need for instant gratification and the ever-replenishing well of the Internet, and it’s no wonder that many daters prefer to keep their options open.

“When it’s so accessible like that, it gives the perception that there’s always something better out there,” Fogel said. “Unless it’s a breathtaking, magical experience, we’re not giving enough of the ‘maybes’ a chance.”

There are a number of reasons why a relationship might fail to flourish after the first date. There are the obvious faux pas, such as bragging, drinking too much or talking about your ex. But other, less transparent missteps can be just as damaging.

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