Fresh From Big Minnesota Win, Sen. Amy Klobuchar Swept Up In Presidential Speculation

By Maya Rao
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) People are buzzing about the presidential aspirations of Sen. Amy Klobuchar after a recent pitstop in Iowa in the middle of her own re-election campaign in Minnesota.


Two weeks before she was resoundingly re-elected to a third term, Sen. Amy Klobuchar took a day off the campaign trail in Minnesota to stump for local candidates in a state she’s visited a handful of times in her political career: Iowa.

Visits by ambitious politicians to the state with the first-in-the-nation caucus always fuel presidential speculation, and Klobuchar in recent months has experienced her turn in that national media spotlight.

With a high-profile role in the U.S. Senate fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh followed by her overwhelming win in the politically pivotal Midwest, Klobuchar is the subject of presidential buzz as Democrats start to search for an opponent to President Donald Trump in two years.

“She’s viable, she is a centrist, and I’m sure that folks that matter look at that possibility and can certainly envision that in a general election against Trump she would look fantastic,” said Lou Frillman, a Minneapolis businessman and prominent Democratic donor.

In recent weeks, Klobuchar in various public remarks has commented on the political importance of Midwestern states. “This is the moment for the Midwest, and we don’t want to be forgotten again in a national election,” she said in a speech during her recent visit to Iowa, according to a story in the Des Moines Register.

Klobuchar has not talked publicly of an interest in running for president and did not grant an interview for this story. A longtime political adviser, Justin Buoen, provided this comment in an email: “Many people have approached Amy about running for president but right now she is still thanking people who helped her lead a major winning ticket in Minnesota. Her support in rural counties and ability to get things done are the reasons most often mentioned to me,” he wrote.

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