The Gig Economy Is Big And Here To Stay. Here’s How Workers Are Surviving And Thriving

By Nancy Dahlberg
The Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) While some entrepreneurs have enthusiastically jumped into the “Gig Economy” others have been thrust into it by necessity, as full-time jobs have slipped away.

The Miami Herald

Tiffany Zadi creates leather shoulder bags, totes, accessories and jewelry.

While trolling thrift shops for materials she’ll recycle for her fashions, she’ll snatch up vintage finds and resell them through Etsy. The Little Havana resident also teaches piano to several students, and lately she’s been leading handicraft “experiences” for small groups through Airbnb.

Joseph Nay builds and designs websites, including steady work for a content studio and a digital marketing agency. That’s led to other freelance jobs. The largely self-taught Hollywood resident also creates and edits motion graphics and assists a nonprofit focused on helping Haiti. “It’s been a fun ride, tiring but fun,” he said.

Zadi and Nay leverage their skills, experience and passions into a diverse portfolio of multiple work assignments and revenue streams to thrive in the Gig Economy, a fast-growing worker movement that includes consulting and contracting, temping, freelancing, self-employment, side gigs and on-demand workers.

While Zadi and Nay enthusiastically jumped into the Gig Economy — in fact, Zadi gave up a law career to pursue her passions — others are thrust into it by necessity, as full-time jobs have slipped away.

Some want the supplemental income as wages remain largely stagnant while still others use it as a buffer as they ease into retirement.

Experts differ on exactly how large the Gig Economy is — these jobs don’t fit neatly into categories the government tracks — as well as on the pluses and drawbacks for workers and the economy.

But there is consensus that the Gig Economy is growing faster than traditional employment. And it is here to stay.

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