Gina Barreca: All Done With Crying All Over

By Gina Barreca
The Hartford Courant

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) According to columnist Gina Barreca, a popular trend is for young women to take pictures of themselves crying and post them on social media. Barreca (who says she’s done plenty of crying in her younger days) makes the case for why this is NOT a good idea.

The Hartford Courant

I have cried on all forms of public transportation, including planes, trains, subways, buses and London tubes, I lived in England for several years, and, naturally, I’ve cried in my car.

Every woman who drives a car has cried in it; why there isn’t a permanent tissue holder next to the steering wheel defies understanding and offers evidence for the need of women to be more prominent in STEM fields, particularly in automotive engineering and design.

Subways and tubes are the worst places to cry because the lighting flatters no one. Even riders who will unblinkingly sit next to a person who’s been homeless since 1986 will move away from a young, sobbing woman.

A young woman crying (especially if it’s close to midnight) is scary. She’s volatile. She’s a mess. Only in movies are women attractive when they cry.

In real life, women crying are just about the most frightening creatures on Earth. Somebody weeping in public has nothing else to lose. Like the unnamed monster in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” she has lost her dignity and is beyond help. It’s best to stay away.

“Places I’ve Cried After Midnight” might well be my next book. Were I editing an anthology, I could get approximately 2.4 million contributions within a week. Eighteen of these would be from men.

The best place for a woman to cry is, of course, her own home. That way she can look in the mirror and watch herself. I fully believe it’s the origin of the Medusa legend. Some guy back in Greece watched a woman looking at herself while she was crying and was horrified.

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