Give The Gift Of Yourself

By Liz Reyer
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

(WWR Article Summary tl;dr) Liz Reyer, leadership coach and president of Reyer Coaching & Consulting shares some of her thoughts on 2017 and some of her hopes for the new year.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

At the end of the year and in the thick of the holiday season, many of us find meaning in reflecting on the gifts we have experienced.

In fact, tapping into a personal sense of generosity can yield a deep sense of reward.

Looking back at 2017, what are the gifts you have shared most abundantly, and what would you like to enhance?

Financial gifts come quickly to mind. What does your personal giving look like? How about your charitable giving?

If you would like to stretch a bit, look for ways to help others in new ways. For example, try checking out to search for people, groups or causes you would like to support.

Think about how you use your time. There are many ways to give of your time to others, and we all know the “super-volunteers” who donate many hours to the causes and organizations they care about.

If that’s you, thank you!

Yet that’s not feasible for everyone; just think about whether you are doing what you can.

Also recognize the gift of time you give to your family — kids, parents, partners and others, as well as your friends. Especially with high-stress lives that are so common, relaxed time together can be an incredible offering.

Sharing your expertise and skills is another powerful way to give. Do you know how to prepare a budget? Paint a room? Cook? Write? Any skill, no matter how modest you may feel it is, can help someone else.

Going deep within, consider the gift of insight and wisdom. I’ve been the beneficiary of this in the past year in the area of racial awareness.

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