Go Ahead, Take That Selfie!

By Misty Watson
The Daily Citizen, Dalton, Ga.

I am so proud of some of my female friends right now.

I know for some women, stripping off the makeup and being seen publicly is not easy.

I grew up with a mom who put on waterproof mascara to go to the pool.

So to see them posting bare-faced “selfies” on Facebook and Twitter deserves some praise. (Forgive me for contributing to the downfall of the English language with the use of selfie in this column. At least I didn’t use the word twerk.)

There’s a lot of criticism surrounding the #nomakeupselfie fad making its way through social media.

From what I can tell through British media — as most American media seem to be ignoring the fad — it began as a response to actress Kim Novak’s appearance at the Academy Awards.

Twitter exploded, making fun of the actress’ appearance, so people started posting photos of themselves without makeup to support her.

It has evolved to a form of raising awareness of women who are battling cancer.

Several blog posts and columns are shaming women for taking part in the fad.

Many authors call it a “slap in the face” and say the bravery required to post a photo of yourself without makeup is nothing compared to the bravery women must face to battle cancer.

Others praise participants for taking a selfish act and turning it into something positive, and some say money has been raised through such efforts.

Hopefully the photos prompt someone to donate money for cancer research or to pray for those battling with cancer and their caretakers.

I’m not really a fan of posting something to Facebook, then pretending I’ve done something grand to help a charity.

I’m also not a fan of boasting what I do to help others, keeping in mind Matthew 6:2.

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