Group Comes Together For Manufacturing

By Lindsey Adkison
The Brunswick News, Ga.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The Golden Isles Creative Collective began roughly a year ago with the goal of connecting local creative manufacturing businesses. The members meet once a month to discuss their triumphs and struggles. For many entrepreneurs, it’s been an invaluable source of both knowledge and friendship.

The Brunswick News, Ga.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jennifer Moore’s inspiration came from a real life problem she hoped to solve.

A few years back, the Golden Isles resident found herself frustrated without an easy way to transport her favorite treat — Greek yogurt. And she was determined to find a solution.

“I like to eat every few hours and I just had no way to transport my yogurt. You can put it in your purse or briefcase but that wasn’t really ideal. I looked at tupperware but that wasn’t what I wanted really either. So I came up with my product YoToGo. I started it all with a friend from college,” she said. “It’s neoprene and it keeps it cool for about three hours.”

Today, Moore’s item is found in 160 stores, primarily in large grocery store chains.

“They are mostly in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, but we’re on Amazon now too and it’s really gone well,” she said.

Of course, even with her success, she’s always looking for fresh ideas and new ways to expand her business. So when she heard about a local group that connect small area manufacturers and other creative types, Moore was intrigued. “It’s called Golden Isles Creative Collective and it was started by Kim Daniels, who is a photographer and blogger. It’s a really cool idea that brings creative people together to talk and share ideas. I guess I joined in about April or May,” she said.

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