More Than Half Of Tech Workers Say They Delayed Having Kids Because Of Soaring Cost Of Living

By Marisa Kendall
The Mercury News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The poll surveyed 8,284 tech workers from all over the world, with a large focus on the Bay Area and Seattle.

The Mercury News

Even Bay Area tech workers blame a lot of their problems on housing.

The region’s sky-high rents and home prices are exacerbating their commutes, forcing their paychecks to stretch thinner, and, according to a new survey, keeping them childless longer.

Though some residents blame the area’s highly paid tech workers for driving up the cost of housing, data increasingly shows that these days, even tech workers feel squeezed by the Bay Area’s scorching prices.

Fifty-eight percent of tech workers surveyed recently said they have delayed starting a family due to the rising cost of living, according to a poll that included employees from Apple, Uber, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Lyft and other Bay Area companies.

The poll, which was released this week, was conducted by Blind, an online social network designed to let people share anonymous opinions about their workplaces.

Blind surveyed 8,284 tech workers from all over the world, with a large focus on the Bay Area and Seattle.

Blind spokeswoman Curie Kim said the findings were “really surprising.”

“In the Bay Area, tech employees are known to make one of the highest salaries in the nation,” she said, “but if these people also feel that they can’t afford housing and they can’t start a family because of the rising cost of living, who can?”

Blind, launched in 2015, has 11,000 Google employees on its platform, 8,000 Uber employees, 7,000 Facebook employees and 6,000 Apple employees. Housing is one of the most popular topics of conversation on the Blind platform, Kim said.

Apple had the largest portion of employees who said they had been forced to delay starting a family, 69 percent of employees surveyed. That compares to 64 percent of Uber employees, 63 percent of Google employees, 59 percent of Lyft employees, 53 percent of Facebook employees and 51 percent of Salesforce employees.

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