One Town’s Quest To Help The ‘Solopreneur’

By Kate Ramunni
New Haven Register, Conn.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The life of a “solopreneur” who often works from home, alone can be very isolating. One Connecticut town is doing its part to support these solopreneurs. The Hamden Department of Economic and Community development is bringing together these business folks to exchange ideas and perhaps help one another. At the last meeting, topics included permits, advertising, marketing and financing.


For those who chose to go it alone, running a home-based business can be isolating. To combat that, the Hamden Department of Economic and Community Development has developed an industry sector “recognizing the value and potential of home-based businesses,” according to Director Dale Kroop.

The “solopreneur” community is now recognized as the town’s ninth industry sector, Kroop said. “Job growth comes significantly from small businesses,” he said. “They have the potential to be the next generation of successful businesses.”

The solopreneur works and runs their own business, usually out of their homes or in a small rented space. It’s a part of the business community has grown over the years, Kroop said, and the town wants to support that growth. To that end, the department brought together a group of about 25 solopreneurs that represented a variety of businesses, including landscaping, financial services, law and counseling. The topic discussed included required permits, client advertising, marketing and financing and the valuation of personal property for tax purposes, Kroop said.

“We hope to take our initial meeting and develop an agenda for 2016 and beyond that will nurture the growth of the solopreneurs for years to come and take them to the next level of services,” Kroop said.

“Essentially, I thought it would be good marketing exposure — finding a new source of referrals,” said Issiah Cooper, a business attorney specializing in financial transactional work. “The more people who know what you do and how you do it and what you provide, the more likely you are to get referrals. I’ve met some very interesting people and I’ve learned some things about the town.”

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