How To Make Your Best Bucket List Ever For 2016

By Alison Bowen
Chicago Tribune.

A new year is a great time to evaluate, plot, dream. Maybe it’s a resolution to become more health-conscious, planning a trip you’ve always wanted to take, starting a vegetable garden or entering a poetry slam.

But how do you decide which goals, big or small, to incorporate into your life?

We talked to Gin Sander, author of “The Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime” (Sourcebooks, to be published Jan. 1, 2016). Her book shows different ways to transform your life from a rut to an adventure. Or, as she says, to encourage people to challenge themselves and “add an extra oomph in life.”

Whatever your list, as she writes in the book, “daydreaming is free.” Following is an edited transcript.

Q: How should people approach planning their next year, or creating a bucket list?

A: The best way to get started with anything is to make a plan. Start writing things down. We all keep lists in our heads, but maybe it’s time to write one in lovely handwriting and stick it on your mirror, something to remind yourself what it is you want to accomplish. I also believe if you want to get something done in life, you need to tell people about it.

It holds you to a measure of accountability. It’s one thing for you to secretly say to yourself, “I’d really like to golf at St. Andrews someday.” What if you said that over a glass of wine with some friends? (Someone might say), “You know, my brother-in-law is planning a trip, and there’s an extra spot.” The more you put out there about what it is you want to accomplish, you not only hold yourself to a higher standard of accountability but you might also find people to join you in that goal, or help you achieve it.

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