Intel Executive Diane Bryant….True Grit

By Cathie Anderson
The Sacramento Bee

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) You must read this Q&A with Intel Executive Diane Bryant. I am blown away by her talent, resilience and simple no-nonsense philosophy towards life.

The Sacramento Bee

Intel executive Diane Bryant remembers it as a defining moment in her life. Four months before graduating from Bella Vista High School, she was forced to move out of her family home in Fair Oaks.

She had turned 18 in February 1980, and her father had made it clear to her and her older sister that once they were legal adults, his financial responsibility was terminated.

“I literally came home from school on my 18th birthday, and all of my possessions were thrown out on the front yard,” Bryant recalled, “and my dad said whatever I could fit in my car, I could take, and what didn’t fit was his. I had a little Volkswagen bug, so you can imagine how much I was able to fit. I couldn’t fit my 10-speed bicycle that I had bought, so that stayed. It was a life-changing experience.”

But it wasn’t an experience that prevented her from becoming successful. More than three decades later, Fortune magazine would name Bryant one of the 50 most powerful women in business. Her division at Intel, known as the Data Center Group, generated $17.2 billion in revenue last year. That was 29 percent of the company’s overall proceeds.

Bryant, a graduate of American River College and UC Davis, talked with The Bee about finding herself homeless as a teenager, learning tough lessons and developing her management style.

Q: You lead the Data Center Group. Tell me what that means.

A: We at the Data Center Group are responsible for all of the technology that is deployed in data centers in support of fueling the Internet and cloud computing. It’s the technology that goes into servers, storage and network infrastructure.

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