Israeli Startups Hot In Paris

By Brett Kline, Paris
Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Several Israeli startups were vying for attention last week at the “Viva Technology Show” in Paris. At the Israeli Pavilion, Ramat Hahayal-based start-up “Intervyo” was getting plenty of interest with its technology which could revolutionize Human Resource departments.

Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel

Speaking at one of the feature conferences at the three-day Viva Technology Show in Paris this past week, the founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, the wildly popular independent digital news and content provider, commented about the growing role of AI, artificial intelligence, in app and software development.

“Computers are good at some things, and humans are good at other things,” Jonah Peretti noted, adding, “Those of you who want to start companies should do so in areas where you have passion and insight, not simply to fill a market need.”

But if Ramat Hahayal-based start-up Intervyo, headed by Jacky Hazan, is any indication of the future, and it is, BuzzFeed’s Peretti may be wrong.

In an era when, on average, more than 200 candidates are being interviewed for single job postings by large companies, Intervyo will revolutionize corporate Human Resource departments.

Hazan’s presentation video shows a candidate being interviewed by a robot with a human face.

Every bit of data possible about the candidate is analyzed by the software, including answers, voice, gestures, and physical and psychological aptitude and attitude, and collated to rate the candidate at high speed.

“Interviewing job candidates has always been a job for humans,” commented Hazan, sitting at a table at the Israel Pavilion, one of fewer than a handful of country pavilions at the show. “So our solution is controversial, to say the least. And some companies are afraid.”

Hazan, born and raised in Montreal, and in Israel for 20 years, said that his was not the only product on the market, but added, “We are pioneers, because the automated interview is followed by a rapid 360° analysis with no subjectivity.”

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