Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ Will Take A Walk On The Wild Side

By Yvonne Villarreal
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) This Sunday, the sophomore season of Issa Rae’s series “Insecure” premieres. And there could be more eyeballs this time around. In a vote of confidence, HBO moved up the premiere date so it could place “Insecure” in a plum spot behind the network’s ratings powerhouse, “Game of Thrones.”

Los Angeles Times

It wasn’t that long ago that Issa Rae couldn’t afford HBO. Now she’s about to launch the second season of her critically acclaimed series “Insecure” on the premium cable network.

The L.A. native, who bypassed the conventional Hollywood system in launching her career, is part of a generation offering a fresh perspective on the complexity of coming into your own, with all its thrills and heartaches.

The first season of the series, which she created, executive produces and stars in, drew praise for its portrait of that restless stage of thirtysomething-dom when work, love and friendship don’t seem to be measuring up.

And Rae has been working hard to make sure Season 2 doesn’t slip.

The grind began last November at the W Hotel in West L.A., where ideas flowed alongside mimosas, sometimes poolside, as she and showrunner Prentice Penny mapped out where they wanted to take the show next.

The debut season ended with growing pains. The wreckage from the broken relationship between Issa Dee (Rae) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) remained messy with the last moments of the finale revealing Lawrence having revenge sex with bank teller Tasha (Dominique Perry); meanwhile, the friendship between Issa and her bestie Molly (Yvonne Orji) had weathered the storm of unpleasant truths.

“What excited me about the characters is that everybody’s worlds were turned upside down, and the rebuilding wasn’t going as planned,” Rae, 32, said during a recent sit-down.

Rae recalled knowing two things for sure going into that Season 2 brainstorming session:

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